Demolition Services


If you need professional demolition services for a large scale project, we do it best. Palisco can provides hand demolition services as well as innovative mechanical demolition. We cover demolition projects of all sizes relative to all kinds of industries. Our services include domestic demolition, industrial and commercial demolition. Our company is licensed with trained and certified staff for conducting hand and mechanical demolition and hazardous material removal works. We adhere to strict safety standards and we use modern machinery that ensures quick, efficient and eco-friendly demolition process.  

Commercial & Industrial

We are a company that specializes in steel and concrete brick and timber structure demolition. Our projects range from a simple office building to a large multi-story infrastructure to bridges and large scale commercial units. While carrying out these projects, we ensure that safety and cleanup activities are not neglected. We strive to bring in innovative machinery through which we can offer demolition in a neat, efficient manner because we don’t believe that explosive demolition is always appropriate.

We are a licensed company with employees having certifications and experienced in handling various complex projects that even include sorting and recycling items. We pride ourselves with our efficient processes; our innovative technologies and our attention to detail make us the best choice for commercial and industrial demolition.  


Want to demolish your old home to build a new building? Our residential demolition services are designed to help you in all aspects of the process. From paperwork to legal procedures and service disconnections, we guide you through it all. Our experienced team will help you evaluate, understand and conduct a demolition that will be within your specified budget range. We do everything from part-demolitions to full house demolitions.

Our residential demolition team develops site specific work process statements with complete project quality plans and recycling management plans. They ensure that sophisticated equipments are used to conduct a project fully compliance with National Codes of Practice and international standards of safety. We help you get complete services with affordable pricing and timely execution.



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